International Women's Day 2024
Beyond just March 8th, the urgency of gender equality resonates throughout the remaining 364 days of the year (how is this still a challenge in 2024, right?). It's imperative that we educate ourselves and take a closer look at our surroundings. Speaking out—loud, boldly, and assertively —is not just important; it's crucial.

Feminism is about achieving equality and balance in social, political, and economic gender dynamics.  Real life extends beyond the iridescent bubble we often try to immerse ourselves in. And it was within that very bubble that I found inspiration to create this small call to action. There's a trend on TikTok called "of course" that delves into routine and flagrant matters associated with not only gender but also generations, jobs, races, etc. Social media is part of the bubble I mentioned earlier. It's crucial that we don't allow ourselves to be engulfed in this 30-second world of funny videos and disconnect from the real problems.

With that in mind, I decided to leverage this trend to discuss gender equality and challenge some of the preconceived social ideas about what women should be and how they should act.